Johnson and Johnson UROP Scholars Program

The Johnson & Johnson UROP Scholars Program supports undergraduate MIT women conducting full-time faculty-mentored STEM research at MIT during the summer term. The program, going into its fourth year, is intended to increase the number of undergraduate MIT women participating and graduating in STEM fields.

For summer 2019, a small cohort of MIT undergraduate women, known as “Johnson & Johnson UROP Scholars,” will be selected to participate in the program. Participants will not only conduct full-time summer research, but also will be participating in faculty luncheon presentations, workshops, and networking events designed to prepare Scholars for graduate study and post-graduate careers in STEM fields. The summer 2019 program will culminate with Scholars presenting their research at an end of summer poster session.

Program participants, identified as Johnson & Johnson UROP Scholars, will be provided summer wages via UROP Direct Funding. Scholars working full-time over the summer will earn $5,760 at $12/hr.  

Funding for this program comes from Johnson & Johnson – a global leader in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods.

Students interested in the program should contact Sara Nelson, to learn more about the program and how to apply.