DEE – Discover Electrical Engineering

If you're hoping to build an awesome project, hang out with cool people, eat amazing food, and hit the ground running as your MIT career begins, then Discover Electrical Engineering (DiscoverEE) is the program for you. DiscoverEE is a fast-paced, fun introduction to electrical engineering at MIT, and more importantly, a great introduction to life at the busy Institute.

The program is both challenging and exciting, and it's designed for students of all levels of experience. No background knowledge is necessary; all we ask is that you come ready and excited to learn a bit about electrical engineering. The first day kicks off with fun activities to get you acquainted with your fellow participants and familiarized with MIT. Over the course of the following five days, you'll work to build your own set of stereo speakers from soda cans! This is a great opportunity to learn some basic EE skills and meet some of the people you'll be teaming up with throughout your time at MIT. You'll also get to tour several labs around campus and hear professors talk about their research.

The project, lab tours, and talks make DiscoverEE a nice introduction to the EE-side of the MIT EECS department (also known as "Course 6-1"). But more than that, DiscoverEE is an awesome way to have fun. You'll spend five days with other freshmen working, chatting, and making new friends. We'll explore Boston, play sports together, chill during our barbecue, and relax on the beach. We'll introduce you to delicious food in the area as we hang out together, and you'll get a chance to make new friends before orientation even begins.

You'll also get to know the DiscoverEE staff—friendly, knowledgeable older students who can answer any of your questions about MIT—as well as graduate students and faculty members, who can help you get involved in research. By the end of the week you'll have a good network of friends to ask any questions you might have about how to plan your first academic year, how to get involved with research, and what it's like to be a Course 6-1 student.

Overall, DiscoverEE is a great introduction to MIT and Boston, and we hope you'll have a great time in and out of the lab. We want to give you a well-rounded introduction to your new home, and to offer you every opportunity to become comfortable with the people and opportunities that will shape your MIT experience.

Speaker Project Overview

We'll give you all the supplies, instruction, and lab time you'll need to build your own set of stereo speakers from old soda cans (and you'll get to keep them at the end of the program)! Working with the other students and the support of the lab assistants, DiscoverEE participants need no outside instruction to be able to complete the project. There is no experience necessary; we are looking for interested novices!

DiscoverEE Specifics

  • Dates: Wednesday, August 22 – Sunday, August 26
  • Place: Freshmen will be housed in their assigned dormitory. The program begins, and is primarily located, in room 32-044 (Stata Center).
  • Available Spaces: 35
  • Cost: The EECS department will cover all costs for on-campus activities and food, as well as transportation to off-campus activities. For off-campus trips, students will be partially subsidized for their meals. The estimated cost for all off-campus food is roughly $50 (but probably less). DiscoverEE is looking for students who have an interest in electrical engineering, but not necessarily with any prior experience.