DEW: Discover Exercise and Wellness

First-year students sometimes feel like they have to put their fitness and wellness needs on the backburner. However, MIT offers an array of resources and programs that encourage physical fitness and mental wellness, so you can easily initiate and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Finding a healthy balance between physical and mental well-being will contribute to your academic success at this Institute. Programs and services offered through MIT Recreation are innovative to meet the interests of the MIT community. Diverse opportunities exist in fitness, aquatics, and recreation for every level and skill on campus. You will also learn to perform at your optimum through the resources of MIT Medical, including stress management, nutrition, mental health, and physical health care providers. This program will integrate physical activities with trips and will also provide educational sessions on exercise science, nutrition, mental and physical health, and stress management. All fitness levels are welcome. No experience is necessary, only a willingness to discover new activities. 

The majority of the four days will be split between health education sessions, fitness activities and classes, recreation games, sports, and exciting excursions. You will learn appropriate heart rate ranges for aerobic and anaerobic activity, exercise prescriptions, how to use various pieces of fitness equipment at MIT, and how to tap the resources of MIT Medical for optimal nutrition, sleep, stress management, and mental and physical health.

DEW Specifics

  • Dates: Thursday, August 23 – Sunday, August 26
  • Place: First year students will be housed in their assigned dormitory.
  • Available Spaces: 20
  • Cost: $200. The cost includes breakfast, lunch, and two dinners.