DM: Discover Mathematics

Did you like math in high school, but don’t know what to expect about math at MIT? Perhaps you feel a rush from solving an integral or finding a clever solution to a problem? Maybe none of these things apply and you’re looking to try something new?

Whatever the reason, MIT’s Mathematics Department invites you to try Discover Mathematics, an introduction to the fantastical world of math at MIT. You’ll be introduced to many interesting areas of math by undergraduates and professors of the math department, while approaching real life problems with a quantitative mindset. Learn how to optimally play different games, including poker and blackjack, and how some similar strategies can be employed to trade successfully in the stock market. Engage with others during movie night and meet fellow freshmen interested in Course 18, while learning about life as a "math person" as an upperclassman. Explore MIT on a scavenger hunt and see Boston through the Museum of Science, all while discovering new insights into our pattern-filled universe.

DM Specifics

  • Dates: August 22 to August 26
  • Available spaces: 25
  • Cost: No charge