DMSE: Discover Materials Science and Engineering

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering was among the first to be established at the Institute, and it has greatly evolved over the century from its roots in metallurgical sciences and mining technologies to become a truly interdisciplinary major. Through the understanding of materials properties, materials scientists and engineers have provided the essential foundations to the computer chip and digital revolution, photovoltaic development, nanotechnology, biological engineering, tissue engineering, and many of the greatest technological developments of our time.

Discover Materials Science and Engineering will introduce you to the ubiquity of material science, from the smartphone in your pocket to the clothes on your back.

You will also get to spend a week with current DMSE students, hear from DMSE alumni and professors who are involved with cutting-edge research, and go on a company tour to see materials science being applied in the real world.

Oh, and of course you will get to know your fellow freshmen and learn how to find your way around MIT and Boston! You can look forward to dining in Boston, exploring Cambridge, and much more.


    Tuesday, August 20

    • Registration and Check-In
    • Dinner and activities to welcome you to DMSE

    Wednesday, August 21

    • Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical Materials: Innovations by material scientists have made the world of computers and technology possible. We'll talk to some professors whose research falls within this discipline, as well as see some what we’ve discussed in action through interactive demos. Then, we will visit a local company to see how materials science and engineering is being used outside of MIT.

    Thursday, August 22

    • Metals and Ceramics: You will discover the amazing properties of metals and ceramics, and the history of the department. We will hear exciting lectures about current research in this area, as well as tour some of our DMSE labs and facilities, where you’ll learn about our curriculum and how we apply our knowledge learned in class.

    Friday, August 23

    • Biomaterials and Polymers: Biomaterials and polymers have made an incredible impact on modern day society. We'll take a look at what these materials are and see how current biomaterials research is changing the world. After a lecture from a faculty member, we will break bread with more faculty within the department to learn about their research across all disciplines within materials science and engineering.

    Saturday, August 24

    • Explore Boston: Are you excited to live across the river from one of the most amazing cities in the world? You should be! We’ll start off by visiting the Museum of Science. Afterwards, we'll spend the day exploring all parts of Boston, seeing Faneuil Hall, Boston Common, and some spectacular landmarks around the city.

    Sunday, August 25

    • Explore Cambridge: If you're going to spend the next four years in Cambridge you should get to know the coolest places around town, and around campus. We’ll show you the best places to go!

    DMSE Specifics

    • Dates:  August 20 – August 25
    • Place: First-year students will be housed in their assigned dormitory
    • Available Spaces: 24
    • Cost: No Charge. The Department of Materials Science and Engineering will be covering all costs.