FLP: Freshman Leadership Program

Class of 2022, this is NOT your traditional leadership program.

The Freshman Leadership Program (FLP) is the original and longest-running pre-orientation program at MIT. Started in 1996, FLP boasts the largest alumni base of any FPOP and has been the launching pad for student body presidents, leaders of Greek and dorm life, winners of internationally prestigious fellowships, captains of varsity sports teams, founders of community service movements (both on campus and internationally), students who have launched successful start-ups and the people who will be some of your best friends in college and beyond.

FLP will immerse you in an interactive five-day program that will challenge you to explore what has shaped your worldview, to understand the opinions and views of others, and to build a community of vastly different individuals. We believe that understanding your community is paramount to becoming an effective, inclusive leader. We also believe self-awareness of your own values and background is equally important. You’ll actively discuss topics such as race, gender, privilege, and other social issues that are relevant to society today. You'll laugh, cry, and have more fun than you'd ever thought you'd have at MIT.

Being an FLP alum will open you up to a community of 50 classmates who will become a support system for you in your years at MIT. You’ll also meet hundreds of older alumni and 14 accomplished counselors who will be both mentors and friends beyond FLP. It is not uncommon to hear past campers describe FLP as a "life-changing experience."

Sound like your kind of pre-orientation program? Apply to be a part of the Freshman Leadership Program 2018!

Quotes of past participants:

  • “Undoubtedly, I would recommend FLP to all incoming freshmen, as FLP is an unexpectedly exciting, tear-jerking, self-reflecting, character-building, life-changing experience.”
  • “By nature, we have a tendency to see the world in black and white, to overlook the deeper complexities that make us who we are. But FLP reminds me to keep on challenging myself, as well as other people, to ask more questions and make fewer assumptions. With such a diverse gathering of students from all around the country and the world, FLP is that unique place where everyone can add a little more color to their big picture.”
  • “It is unbelievable. If there is one thing that will pump you up for college and begin the transformation you will experience over the next four years, FLP is it!"
  • “FLP encourages students to better understand themselves so they can better understand others. Only by understanding others is a true leader formed.”
  • “No description can summarize what goes on in FLP!”
  • “FLP is an amazing, life-changing experience. Any expectations you have right now, throw them away.You are about to enroll into the greatest FPOP that will change your life.”

FLP Specifics

  • Dates: Tuesday, August 21 - Sunday, August 26
  • Place: Grotonwood – Groton, MA
  • Available Spaces: 50
  • Cost: $420. The cost includes transportation, housing, all meals, and supplies.
  • Special Information: Please pack a bathing suit (if you are interested in participating in any water sports), suntan lotion, bug spray, and appropriate clothing for New England evenings. Additional information will be mailed upon acceptance.