Summer 2018 MIT-HKUST Undergraduate Research Exchange

UROP is offering a research exchange program for summer 2018 through a collaboration with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). This exchange aims to enhance and broaden students' undergraduate experiences, provide opportunities to live in another culture, conduct research in a different academic/research environment, and help develop skills to better prepare for leadership roles in a global economy. 

Up to 5 MIT students will be selected to conduct faculty-mentored research in the summer 2018 exchange (June 19 – August 13). In return, MIT will host a similar number of students from HKUST.

Information for MIT Students

  • The host school will provide free on-campus housing for up to five MIT students.
  • MIT will provide an air travel subsidy for US-Hong Kong air travel for the beginning and end dates of the program.
  • Weekly research pay will be covered by MIT.
  • MIT students will need to provide their own meals at the host school.
  • MIT students will be personally responsible for purchasing the host school's required health/medical insurance for the program's duration (if applicable). 
  • MIT students must apply for and satisfy the immigration requirements for their journey to and from Hong Kong.

To apply to the HKUST exchange MIT students must submit the following materials to UROP staff in 7-104 by Wednesday, February 28, 2018:

  • A completed program application (with personal statement and resume attached) via the following PDF link: 2018 Application (for MIT students only)
  • Two letters of recommendation from MIT faculty members.
  • An official transcript.

HKUST will review the students nominated by MIT and approve, in its discretion, up to five students to conduct research at their school during the summer of 2018 (June 19-August 13). MIT students will collaborate with their respective mentor at the host school to define and develop their project. At the conclusion of the summer, students may be required to submit a report to their mentor.

Summer Program: MIT students will have access to all privileges, activities, and facilities enjoyed by HKUST students.

Information for HKUST Students

MIT will invite up to five of the nominated students from HKUST to conduct research at MIT during summer 2018 (June 17-August 11). Interested HKUST students should be in contact with the HKUST UROP Office for more information on the program and how to apply.

Arrangements for HKUST students at MIT:

  • MIT will provide free on-campus housing for students from HKUST.
  • Visiting students will be required to purchase MIT student health insurance or show proof of health insurance valid in the United States for the duration of the program.
  • Visiting students are required to obtain a US visa immediately after acceptance into the IROP program.

Summer program: Visiting students will have the same access and privileges enjoyed by MIT students on the campus.

Additional Information

  • MIT students interested in the Summer Research Exchange should contact: UROP Staff in the MIT Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming (Tel: 617- 253-7306, Email:
  • HKUST students interested in participating in the MIT-HKUST Summer Research Exchange should contact: HKUST staff in the UROP office [Email: urop@ust.hkWeb: