MIT Amgen Scholars Program

For Students

The Amgen-UROP Scholars Program is open to undergraduates, with or without research experience. If you have little to no background in research, the program will allow you to develop and hone research skills, and help you become better acquainted with MIT faculty. If you have experience as an undergraduate researcher, the program provides an opportunity to further enhance your skills.

Program information for undergraduates interested in applying, includes:

You are encouraged to read through this information and contact us with any questions.

Research Opportunities

Each Amgen Scholar will be placed in a MIT department or interdisciplinary area that supports science and biotechnology research. These areas potentially include: Biological Engineering, Biology, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, the Center for Environmental Health Sciences, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Health Sciences and Technology, Mechanical Engineering (for bioengineering/biotechnology only), and the Picower Institute for Learning and Memory.

NOTE: MIT undergraduate applicants, who are already conducting research with MIT faculty in relevant areas may continue these collaborations as Amgen Scholars.

Placements will be made based on student interests and available spaces. While each Amgen Scholar will be assigned to a specific MIT faculty member, supervision and guidance may also be provided by others associated with the professor’s lab, including research scientists and post-doctoral associates. All assignments are full time (approximately 40 hours a week).

Educational Activities

In addition to full-time research positions, the Amgen Scholars Program will offer a number of educational activities for participating students, including:

  • A lunchtime seminar series, where faculty will present on relevant research areas and critical professional issues. The seminars will be designed to not only expose students to cutting edge research, but also to broaden understanding of opportunities for graduate school and scientific careers.
  • Workshops and tutorials on poster presentation skills and graduate school preparation.
  • A three-day mid-summer symposium devoted to research in the biotechnology industry, tentatively scheduled to be held at UCLA. Amgen Scholars based at MIT will have the opportunity to network with Scholars from nine other host institutions. Transportation costs to and from the symposium, as well as food and lodging at the symposium, will be covered by the Amgen Foundation.
  • A poster session closing the Program, where Amgen Scholars will share their summer research projects with MIT faculty, staff, and students.

Activities and details on these events are subject to change.

Compensation, Room and Board, and Campus Amenities

The following benefits for Amgen Scholars visiting from other institutions will be covered by a grant from the Amgen Foundation:

  • Weekly research pay. Students working 40 hours per week earn $4,500, paid hourly, for a nine week period.
  • Housing at a designated MIT residence hall.
  • Food allowance ($800) for use at all on-campus dining facilities.
  • Travel Costs for visiting students (non-MIT students only) to travel to and from Boston, MA.
  • July Research Symposium UCLA: Travel costs to and from Los Angeles; symposium food and lodging.

In addition, Amgen Scholars coming from outside universities will be provided a MIT ID and be given full privileges at the Institute, including access to libraries, athletic and recreational facilities, and dining areas. Moreover, they will have access to all open meetings, presentations, performances, lectures, and other community activities taking place on campus.

Applying to the Amgen Scholars Program

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