MIT Amgen UROP Scholars Program

For Faculty Mentors

The Amgen Scholars Program fosters student passion for science and biotechnology by engaging them in first-rate research experiences in MIT laboratories.

Amgen Scholars are selected from undergraduate applicants hailing from colleges and universities around the U.S. and its territories, as well as MIT. Students placed into MIT laboratories will conduct research on a full-time basis (40 hours weekly) for the duration of the program - June 17 -August 11, 2018.

Faculty and laboratories hosting Amgen Scholars will not be asked to provide any type of financial support to these students. All student expenses will be covered by a grant from the Amgen Foundation.

Faculty conducting research in the following areas are invited to participate as mentors to Amgen Scholars: biochemistry; bioengineering; bioinformatics; chemical and bimolecular engineering; biopsychology; biotechnology; chemistry; immunology; medical pharmacology; molecular medicine; molecular pharmacology; molecular, cell, and developmental biology; neurobiology; neuroscience; pathology; physiological psychology; physiological science; statistics; and toxicology.

Role of Faculty Mentors

MIT faculty invite Amgen Scholars into their research groups, engage them in challenging projects, and provide mentorship, research guidance, and supervision. Guidance will also come from others associated with the laboratory, including graduate students and post-doctoral associates.

While it is understood that in many research groups daily supervision of undergraduate researchers is provided by other lab members, faculty accepting Amgen Scholars into their areas are expected to engage with the Amgen Scholars and to provide feedback on their performance. Amgen Scholars cannot be placed with those faculty on sabbatical or those who intend to be away from campus for a significant portion of the summer period.

Faculty mentors will also play a role in educational activities designed to complement the full-time research of program participants. For instance, mentoring faculty may be invited to present on relevant research topics and critical professional issues at lunchtime seminars scheduled for June and July. Mentors are also invited to take part in other educational and community-building events, including a poster session and reception scheduled for the end of the program.

Selection and Placement of Amgen Scholars

All student applications received by the February 1, 2018 deadline will first be reviewed and selected by a designated group in the UAAP. Approved applications will be delivered to potential faculty mentors in the area of students' research interest for further review. Once faculty mentor decisions are made, students will be notified regarding placement in a specific laboratory.

Faculty interested in mentoring Amgen Scholars are asked to give non-MIT applicants equal consideration for placement into their research groups. Through its funding, the Amgen Foundation wants students from a wide variety of academic communities to have the opportunity to work with some of the nation's top academic scientists, including students attending institutions without formal undergraduate research programs.

Up to twenty students will be selected for the 2018 program. Five of the admitted undergraduates will be from MIT, and fifteen from other U.S. institutions. Scholar selection will be made by early March 2018.

If you are a MIT faculty member interested potentially hosting an Amgen Scholar in your group, then please contact Sara Nelson, Program Director, or x3-0751.