UROP projects take place during the academic year and/or over the summer and are conducted across the Institute in academic departments as well as interdisciplinary laboratories and centers. Projects can last an entire semester or continue for a year or more. While the majority of projects take place on-campus, there are also options for off-campus and global projects, as well as department-specific options to explore.

The decision to receive pay, credit, or volunteer is something you should decide in consultation with your faculty supervisor, however, some options may be restricted for certain types of UROPs. 

Since UROP is an academic program, you must complete UROP application so that we can evaluate the content and scope of your planned research. 

Some Things to Consider 

  • During any given term or summer, you may not receive pay and credit for the same UROP project. Also, while UROP research may become thesis work, you may not earn UROP pay or credit for your thesis research during the semester(s) in which you are registered for thesis credit. Any questions regarding thesis credit policies should be directed to the academic department awarding your credit. 
  • If you participate in paid or voluntary UROP, you are eligible to receive transcript recognition (URN credit). This notation will be added to your transcript at the end of the semester provided that your faculty supervisor deems the semester's work satisfactory.

If you have questions or concerns about your options, please contact UROP staff for advice and assistance.