Application Checklists

Students complete the UROP application process online. MIT Touchstone authentication required to access the application system. From the system, you have options to view your current and past UROP applications, evaluate prior UROPs, and initiate new UROP applications.

Be sure to review the application checklist below, before you apply. Wellesley College Students, should refer to the Wellesley Student Checklist.

MIT & Exchange Student Checklist

Currently registered MIT and MIT Exchange students (CME, etc.) should follow these steps to apply for UROP. New applications are required each term even if you are continuing with the same project and supervisor.

  1. Decide with your faculty supervisor whether the UROP is to undertaken for pay, credit, or as a volunteer and discuss pay rate, grading, and unit totals as applicable for your UROP type.
  2. Access the Online UROP Application System - MIT Touchstone authentication required. Online applications require faculty supervisor and department information, pay and/or credit details, detailed UROP proposal, etc. Note: If you completed UROP in prior terms, UROP evaluations must be submit before new applications can be submitted and approved.
  3. Be sure to submit your application to your faculty supervisor by the posted term application deadline for the term. Faculty and departments have additional time to review applications following the posted term deadline.
  4. Application questions and decisions are announced via email, so be sure to check your MIT email for communications from UROP staff.