First Year Advising: Application

  1. Be sure to review your advising options outlined here, before submitting the online advising application below.  Applications must be submitted by June 15.
  2. Please call or email Advising staff at 617-253-6772 or, if you have questions about your advising options.

Advising Application Form

Select your advising preferences below and submit this form no later than June 15.  Before selecting your preferences, please be sure to consider how you plan to spend your time in your first-year, including HASS subjects and any discovery and exploration subjects you may wish to take this fall, and make sure that any seminars of interest will fit into your schedule and plan.

Please consult the First-Year Academics section of this website for more information on requirements, credit limits, and how to craft your schedule. You can use student-developed tools such as Firehose to lay out a draft schedule and CourseRoad to begin thinking about your whole first year and beyond. You can also consult official subject schedules and degree requirements maintained by the Registrar’s Office. 

You’ll have plenty of time to revisit your planned schedule with your Advisor and Associate Advisor in August, but for now, check out this advice from Auntie Matter.

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Please be sure to supply your numeric MIT ID # here.

Advising Preference Details

Please rank your advising preferences below. You have the option to participate in a learning community, a first-year advising seminar, or to be advised by a traditional advisor. 

If interested in the Concourse learning community, please be sure to select Concourse CC.A10 as your first preference. If interested in the MAS learning community, you are encouraged, but not required, to select the MAS option with the MAS.A19 seminar as your first preference.  

If you wish to participate in a seminar, please select at least three seminars options, as seminar enrollment is limited.

Now: Tell us a few things about yourself!

Limit is 2000 characters. Submit text replies only - no emojis.
Limit is 2000 characters. Submit text replies only - no emojis.
Limit is 2000 characters. Submit text replies only - no emojis.