Building and Maintaining the Advising Relationship

It’s important to build and maintain a relationship with your advisor and may take some initiative on your part to do so. Few advisors have time to get to know their advisees well during registration meetings alone, so make appointments throughout the term to talk with your advisor and seek advice as needed. 

  • Get to know your advisor by asking appropriate questions about their background, education and interests.
  • Get to know your associate advisor as well - they have valuable advice to share about classes and the MIT student experience.
  • Your advisor can offer you guidance and support during your first year & that can go beyond academics - Advisors often share life experiences and can help you think through your decisions. 
  • Be sure to talk with your advisor about what you might want/need from them as your first year progresses.
  • Work with your advisor to be part of any group meetings and contribute to conversations. If your advisor invites you to attend a dinner or event with your advising group, make time to participate. These social events are a fun way for you and your advisor to get to know each other.

See Advising Roles for details about your advising support network at MIT and what to expect.