Associate Advisor Application

To apply to become an Associate Advisor for AY2019-2020 you must complete this application by March 1st.

This is a one-year commitment that includes the following expectations: 

  • Associate Advisor Training: Wednesday, May 1 (7-8:30pm) in 10-250
  • Associate Advisor Orientation: Monday, August 26 (1-2:00pm) in 10-250
  • Registration Meetings and other advising activities: August 26-August 29. Early Return information will be available in late spring.
  • Training and Development: Must attend 2 additional training sessions during the academic year. Dates will be available in late August. 

Associate advisors are the primary resource of academic support for first-year students. They compliment the faculty advisor by providing the student perspecitive of academics and student life at MIT. Associate Advisors serve as an in-house resource to first years in their living groups. 


1 Start 2 Contact Information 3 Essay questions 4 Student Profile 5 Complete


Please fill out the following application completely.