Academic Information

The links below lead to critical sites that students and advisors will use in subject planning, registration, checking exam schedules, and more. We hope that these references will prove helpful in your work with advisees.

  • Academic Calendar: The source fo deadlines: registration, Add Date, Drop Date, holidays and vacations.
  • Exam Schedules: Shows date, time, and location for finals and core exams/quizzes.
  • MIT Bulletin: The official annual catalogue, outlining degree programs and listing faculty and subjects. 
  • Registration Instructions: Dates, details and instructions related to pre-registration, registration, cross-registration, online Add/Drop, and more.
  • Student Forms & Petitions: Index of links to academic forms (Online Add/Drop, CAP petitions, etc.).
  • Subject Listing and Schedule: Titles, descriptions, instructors, meeting times, and locations for each subject offered at MIT. Symbols mark subjects that meet various Institute requirements. Includes a handy scheduling tool for pre-registration.
  • Quiz Schedule: Shows date, time, and location for quizzes in each Science Core subject; view by month or subject.
  • Subject Evaluations: Numeric evaluations for all subjects that have participated in the subject evaluation process since spring term 1999. Evaluations for some larger-enrollment subjects also include summaries of students' written comments. 
  • WebSIS: Access to the official student academic record, including status of registration, grades, and degree audits to check progress toward Institute requirements.