Associate Advisor Position Description

Associate Advisors are upper-level students who assume a highly recognized leadership role by offering academic advice to first year students. They are an integral and essential part of a support team made up of a faculty advisor, Head of House, Graduate Resident Tutor (GRT) and our office.

As peer mentors, role models and community-builders, associate advisors draw upon and connect MIT resources for first years. This one-year commitment must be a high priority for students.

Associate Advisors match with first-year advisors, in either a traditional or seminar-based group, to provide advice for students throughout their first year at MIT. In addition to working with their assigned advisees, associate advisors are strongly connected to their residential communities.

Under the direction of the Associate Advisor Steering Committee, associate advisors compliment the advisor relationship. Associate advisors will be an identified resource within the residence. They are expected to be available as a resource for all first-years in their residence. By fulfilling all expectations and responsibilities, associate advisors help to strengthen the support network and enrich the residential communities for first-year students.

Be a Role Model and Resource for First Years 

  • Initiate and maintain positive relationships with students who make up your advising group.
  • Be available to your advisees both terms by maintaining regular contact at least twice per month.
  • Assist with class selection and registration both terms.
  • Have knowledge of MIT resources and refer your advisees appropriately. Monitor the academic progress and well being of your advisees.
  • Assist with time management, test taking, and study skills.
  • Help with finding UROPs, IAP and/or summer employment.
  • Organize social activities (e.g. dinners, museum visits, and trips into Boston).
  • Listen attentively to student concerns and questions.
  • Treat conversations with students confidentially.
  • Comply with all the policies and procedures of MIT and your living group.

Provide Support and Resources in your Residence Hall

  • Identify yourself to first-years as an associate advisor in your residence. This includes posting the AA sticker on your door and having your name publicly available to first-years in your residence hall.
  • Work collaboratively with other associate advisors in your residence and under the direction of the Head associate advisor living in their residence hall. This includes organizing academic programming.
  • Be available as a resource for all first-years in your residence.
  • Post flyers and distribute information about academic resources and information.

If you have questions regarding your responsibilities or your role , we encourage you to contact Leslie Bottari,

To apply to become an associate advisor AY2018-2019, be sure to submit an Associate Advisor Application by April 3.