Associate Advisor Position Description

Associate Advisors are MIT sophomores, juniors and seniors who provide academic support and resources to first-year students.  The Office of the First Year matches them with a first-year faculty advisor in either a traditional or seminar-based advising group.  Associate advisors compliment the advisor's efforts by providing the student perspective on MIT academics and student life. In addition, associate advisors are strongly connected to the first-year students in their living groups.  By being highly visible and accessible, associate advisors strengthen the support network that is available to first-years in their dorms. 


  • Assist first-year advisor with students' registration both semesters 
  • Initiate contact with your advisees at least twice per month
  • Organize social activities with advising group (e.g. dinners, museums, and fun events)
  • Support the Office of the First Year's academic programs 
  • Team up with the associate advisors and head AAin your dorm to support first-years. This could include academic programing. 


  • Make a one-year commitment to serve in the associate advisor role 
  • Possess knowledge of MIT resources and be able to refer students appropriately
  • Attend spring and August orientation 
  • Participate in 2 training and development OFY workshops 
  • Treat interactions with students confidentially
  • Comply with all the policies and procedures of MIT 

To apply to become an associate advisor AY2019-2020, submit an Associate Advisor Application by March 1, 2019. If you have questions, please contact Leslie Bottari,