Registration Changes

You are responsible for ensuring that your registration is accurate and properly reflects the classes that you are attending this term. Be sure to check your status of registration on WebSIS well before Add and Drop Date each term so that you can make corrections as needed before the given deadline.

Recitation Conflicts

If you need to make section changes within subjects (e.g. adjust lecture or recitation schedule), be sure to follow the instructions provided on the Registrar's website.

Registration Changes

If you need to make changes to your registration, such as adding or dropping a subject, you have to submit an Add/Drop/Change form. Please pay close attention to the Add and Drop deadlines on the Academic Calendar, as registration changes must be submitted by these deadlines.

The Registrar's website provides complete instructions on adding or dropping a class.

For Spring 2018, these deadlines are:

  • ADD DATE: Friday, March 9
  • DROP DATE: Thursday, April 26

Failure to pay attention to posted deadlines will have academic and financial consequences.