Managing Your Spring Schedule

The increased freshman credit limit for the Spring Term — 57 units, allows you a little more room to begin a major or to explore other areas of interest. A typical Spring schedule looks like this:

  • four 12-unit subjects, and sometimes
  • a 9-unit introductory class, or
  • a 6-unit UROP

Remember that 57 units is the maximum. It is not mandatory to take up to 57 units. If some of your Fall term classes were a review, then you may be experience new material for the first time. So, be confident -- but not over-confident. Even if you did extremely well in your Fall term classes, you might find that Spring subjects more difficult and time-consuming.

You may choose to continue with 48 units and use the rest of your time for a varsity sport, a paid UROP, a student organization, or other extracurricular activities. Spring term offers a second opportunity and challenge to learn how to balance many competing commitments.

Managing Your Time

If your fall academic performance was not your best, don't waste time beating yourself up over it. Instead, use the experience to build a better model of time management for the Spring.

Before committing yourself to more units and new extracurricular activities, be sure to assess your free time wisely. You'll find excellent advice for managing your time efficiently in the Time Management section.

If you feel that you still need assistance with time management, be sure to discuss your concerns with your advisor and associate advisor. UAAP advising staff stand ready to help you as well; stop by 7-103 or email to set up an appointment.