Your Registration

You are responsible for ensuring that your registration is accurate and properly reflects the classes that you are attending each term. Be sure to check your status of registration on WebSIS.

IAP/Spring Pre-Registration

IAP/Spring pre-registration opens on December 1. The deadline to initiate spring term pre-registration is 5pm on Thursday, December 28. Once students have submitted their initial pre-registration, they may modify their subject selections until pre-registration closes at 5pm on Friday, January 12th. There is a $50 late fee for any student who fails to initiate pre-registration by December 28th. There is an $85 late fee if students fail to initiate pre-registration by final deadline of January 18th. Details for the pre-registration process are outlined on the Registrar's site.

Students will have two ways to request CI-H/HW subjects while they pre-register:

  • Students may enter two primary subject choices with two alternatives for each choice. Before classes begin an algorithm will be run to assign students to CI-H/HW subjects, optimizing their choices within the priorities set by SOCR
  • Students may also place themselves on waitlists that instructors use after Registration Day to fill openings in the classes. After the algorithm is run, they will be able to see which subjects have openings and where they stand on waitlists.

All students are limited to 12-unit credit limit for IAP.

Meeting with Your Advisor to Register for Spring

  • On January 29, you and your advisor will have access to your online Spring 2018 Registration (based on your pre-registration).
  • You need to meet with your advisor between January 29 and February 5 (Reg Day) to complete your registration.
  • If you are on campus at the end of IAP, arrange to meet with your advisor earlier than Registration Day, February 5, to complete your registration.
  • Once you have submitted your registration, all changes need to be made using the digital Add/Drop forms.

Getting Your Fall Hidden Grades

Your advisor will receive a hard copy of your Fall Internal (Hidden) Grades by January 19. You can pick up your copy from your advisor when you meet for registration.

Registration Holds

If your registration is on hold, you must still meet in person with your advisor to go over your registration choices for Spring term. Your registration cannot be submitted online until you clear the hold. Once it is cleared, you will be able to complete your registration.

Spring Credit Limit

Remember that 57 units is the maximum for spring term. The increased credit limit allows you more room for exploration. If some of your fall term classes were a review, then you may be experience new material for the first time. Even if you did extremely well in fall classes, you'll may find that spring subjects are more difficult and time-consuming.

Note: If you are voted a Warning by the Committee on Academic Performance from the fall semester, your spring credit limit is fixed at 4 subjects, up to 48 units.

Registration for students who take early sophomore standing:

  • If you accept Sophomore Standing after January 17: Your current advisor must complete your registration.
  • If you declared a major and know who your new departmental advisor is: Arrange with your new advisor about getting registered on or before Registration Day. Your relationship with your departmental advisor may be different from what you've been used to, so be pro-active in getting in touch.
  • If you declared a major, but have not yet been assigned to an advisor: Be in touch with the Undergraduate Administrator for your new department for instructions on how to complete Registration.
  • If you declared yourself Undesignated and are staying with your freshman advisor: Register with your freshman advisor, who will continue to have access to your Registration information.

Checking WebSIS

Remember to verify your registration for accuracy on WebSIS by February 8, before your schedule is taken off line. You must report any discrepancies to the Registrar's Office.