Fall Pre-Registration

You are responsible for ensuring that your registration is accurate and properly reflects the classes that you are attending each term. Be sure to check your status of registration on WebSIS.  NOTE: Details on this page are for continuing students only. Incoming class of 2023 will register with their advisors during Orientation. Registration details for the Class of 2023 will be posted in August. 

Fall Pre-Registration

Pre-registration opens on May 1.The deadline to initiate fall term pre-registration is 5pm on Monday, June 17. Once students have submitted their initial pre-registration, they may modify their subject selections until pre-registration closes at 5pm on Monday, June 17. There is a $50 late fee for any student who fails to initiate pre-registration by June 17th. There is an $85 late fee if students fail to initiate pre-registration by final deadline of August 22. Details for the pre-registration process are outlined on the Registrar's site.

Students will have two ways to request CI-H/HW subjects while they pre-register:

  • Students may enter two primary subject choices with two alternatives for each choice. Before classes begin an algorithm will be run to assign students to CI-H/HW subjects, optimizing their choices within the priorities set by SOCR
  • Students may also place themselves on waitlists that instructors use after Registration Day to fill openings in the classes. After the algorithm is run, they will be able to see which subjects have openings and where they stand on waitlists.

Checking WebSIS

Remember to verify your registration for accuracy on WebSIS. You must report any discrepancies to the Registrar's Office.