Finals Preparation and the End of Term

Final examinations will be held May 21-25. Check the Final Examination Schedule to find out when and where your final exams will be held. Occasionally an exam will need to be rescheduled, so double-check prior to finals week to confirm that none of your testing dates, times or locations have changed. If you have a scheduling conflict between two or more final exams, the Registrar’s Office will contact you. If you questions about this, contact the Schedules Office immediately.

Preparing for Finals and Managing Stress

The last weeks of the term can be stressful with much to accomplish in a relatively short period of time. To help you with this, we list some tips and resources below:

  • Don't wait until the last minute to prepare for finals. Allow plenty of time for each subject so that you do not feel rushed. Visit Mastering Tests for advice, including how to approach Final Exams to help you complete the term with minimal stress. 
  • Avoid getting overwhelmed. It is more difficult to study for finals when you become overwhelmed. Instead, seek help and guidance from your advisor, associate advisors, instructors and TAs. 
  • Practice stress management techniques. Consider relaxation techniques. MIT Medical offers a number of stress relief and wellness classes.
  • Get enough sleep. A good nights rest can do wonders for your state of mind. If you have trouble getting to sleep, try to avoid caffeine or screen use before going to bed. Try to establish a regular sleep schedule. 
  • Exercise and eat well. Your body needs to be nourished and exercise can help reduce stress by giving you something else to focus on. DAPER has a host of exercise facilities and classes available to you.
  • Talk to people who can help. Make an appointment to speak with one of the deans in Student Support Services or with staff in MIT Mental Health and Counseling Service.
  • Check out the Stress Prevention Activities (SPA) offered on May 16 & 17, from 10AM-2PM in Room 7-103. Relax, get stress prevention advice, eat healthy snacks, and socialize with staff and students.

Remember, finals don’t last forever. Winter vacation is right around the corner. Plan ahead, ask for help if you need it, and then enjoy your well-earned vacation! 

End of Term Academic Review

The Committee on Academic Performance reviews the records of all undergraduates at the end of each semester.  Visit the End of Term Academic Processes page for details relevant to freshmen.