Looking Ahead - Academic Planning

Even though the semester is just beginning, as you look ahead to set personal and academic goals for later in the term, IAP, and/or toward your overall academic plan, here are some things to consider as explore your opportunities and options.

Tips to help you network and explore your interests:

  • Talk with your advisor. S/he can advise you on ways to explore fields of interest and point you to resources to help you explore your future academic/career goals.
  • Don't forget to engage your associate advisor, who can give you the student perspective on the day-to-day experience in a given department and potentially connect you to other students in majors you may be considering.
  • Network with upperclassmen, faculty and department undergraduate administrators and officers
  • Explore IAP offerings (available from IAP site later this fall)
  • Attend department lectures and other events.
  • Explore department websites to learn more about their curriculum, research, and faculty.
  • Consider UROPs as a means to learn more about departments and help you determine your interests within a field.
  • Familiarize yourself with the many extracurricular opportunities available at MIT (e.g. student clubs, sports, etc.).

Give yourself enough time to plan ahead, ask questions, and use all of the resources available to you as your progress through your first year.