First Year Student, Advisor and Associate Advisor Awards

Congratulations to the 2018 Recipients!

Each spring, we present awards to celebrate the outstanding contributions of first year students. their advisors, and associate advisors. The 2018 recipients were recognized for their excellence on May 17. 

2018 First Year Student Award Recipients

  • An Jimenez, Performing Arts
  • Grace Moore, Academics/Research
  • Iris Abrahantes Morales, Leadership
  • Meghan Davis, Service
  • Kelvin Green II, Diversity & Culture
  • Kylie Gallagher, Athletics
  • Keith Shepard, Athletics

2018 First Year Advisor Award Recipients

  • Creative Advising Activity Award: Dr. Paola Rebusco, Experimental Study Group
  • Outstanding Rookie Advisor Award: Dr. Peter Kempthorne, Department of Mathematics
  • Alan J. Lazarus Award (1953) Excellence in Advising Award: Professor Raul Radovitzky, Department of Aeronautics & Astronautics
  • Excellence In Mentoring Award: Professor David McGee, Department of Earth, Atmospheric, & Planetary Sciences
  • Student Champion Award: Professor Leon Glicksman, Department of Architecture
  • Innovative Seminar Award: Professor Dennis Freeman, Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

2018 Outstanding Associate Advisor Award Recipient

  • Sarah Stern, Class of 2019, Biology