Learning Communities

If you are interested in joining one of the first-year Learning Communities (ConcourseTerrascopeESG, or MAS), see details below.

View the Learning Communities Comparison Chart (PDF) to learn more about each community.


The Concourse community offers its own Advising Seminar through which all Concourse participants are advised. Therefore, if you plan to join the Concourse Learning Community, be sure to select Concourse as your preferred learning community, list CC.A10 as your first seminar preference on the advising application, and fill out the application on the Concourse website.


Terrascope is founded on one basic but important idea: first-year MIT students are ready to take control of their own education and tackle big, important problems. In Terrascope classes students take command, drawing on diverse perspectives, interdisciplinary research and resources of the Terrascope community to address complex sustainability issues. Along the way, they learn about how to organize teams around complex problems of any kind, and how to take on and manage large projects. This is all done within the setting of a warm, inclusive community.


Participate in an info session during CPW, online (June 15,18,19,21), or during Orientation; visit http://esg.mit.edu/enroll for details. Early application deadline: June 27; Final deadline: August 27, 6:00pm.  If you are interested in joining the ESG community, you have the option to choose to participate in seminar advising or not. If interested in ESG, simply select ESG as your learning community preference and rank any seminars of interest to you on your advising application.


If you are interested in joining the MAS Learning Community, you are encouraged to participate in an MAS Advising Seminar, so it is recommended that you list one of the MAS seminars as your first seminar preference on the advising application. However, if you prefer not to participate in an MAS seminar, you can still participate in the MAS community, simply indicate your interest in MAS by listing it as a learning community preference.