Transfer Credit Examiners

This list shows current departmental transfer credit examiners, but contacts are subject to change. If you have trouble reaching an examiner, contact the appropriate Undergraduate Academic Administrator. For other questions or concerns, please email UAAP Transfer Credit Staff (

1: Civil and Environmental Engineering

Contact: Kiley Clapper, 617-253-7119, 1-290,

2: Mechanical Engineering

US Universities: Contact: Jared Embelton, Academic Administrator, 617-253-2305, 1-110,

Universities outside the US: Prof. Gareth McKinley, 617-258-0754, 3-254, gareth@MIT.EDU

3: Materials Science and Engineering

Prof. Geoffrey Beach; Contact: Tiffany Luongo, 617-258-5816, 6-107,

4: Architecture

  • History of Architecture, Art and Design: Lauren Jacobi, 3-305,
  • Art, Culture and Technology: Azra Aksamija, 15-231,
  • Architecture Studies, Computation, and Building Technology: Les Norford, 5-418,

5: Chemistry

Contact: Grace Kimball, (617) 253-7271,

6-1: Electrical Engineering

Prof. Lizhong Zheng, 617-452-2941, 36-660,

6-3: Computer Science

Prof. Christopher Terman, 617-253-6038, 32-G790,

7: Biology

Dr. Janice Chang; contact Joshua Stone, 617-253-4718, 68-120,

8: Physics

Contact: Catherine Modica, 617-253-4842, 4-315,

9: Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Contact: Jillian Auerbach, 617-253-0482, 46-2005,

10: Chemical Engineering

Dr. Barry Johnston, 8-7141, 66-368,

11: Urban Studies and Planning

Dr. Ezra Glenn, 617-253-2024, 7-337,

12: Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

Dr. Vicki McKenna, 617-253-3380, 54-910,

14: Economics

Prof. Jeffrey Harris, 617-253-2677, E52-422,


15: Management Science

Prof. James Orlin; Contact: Stephanie Karkut, 617-253-8614, E52-154,

16: Aeronautics and Astronautics

Prof. Nicholas Roy; Contact: Marie Stuppard, 617-253-2279, 33-202B,

17: Political Science

Prof. Andrea Campbell, 617-253-2295, E53-473,

18: Mathematics (18.01-18.06)

Mr. Andrew Ahn,

18: Mathematics (all other subjects)

Prof. Alan Edelman, 617-253-7770, 2-349,

20: Biological Engineering

Contact: Dalia Fares, 617-253-5804, 16-267,

21A: Anthropology

Prof. Stefan Helmreich, 617-253-9343, E53-335Q,

21G: Global Studies and Languages

Prof. Emma Teng, 617-253-4536, 14N-303,

21H: History

Prof. Eric Goldberg (617) 324-2420, E51-290, egoldber@MIT.EDU

21L: Literature

Prof. Ruth Perry, 617-253-8876, 14N-415,

21M: Music

Charles Shadle, 617-452-3208, 10-263,

21M: Theater Arts

Prof. Jay Scheib, 917-612-2137, W97-165,

21W: Writing and Humanistic Studies

Prof. James Paradis, 617-253-7392, E15-328,

22: Nuclear Science and Engineering

Prof. Michael Short, 617-347-7763, 24-204,

24-1: Philosophy

Prof. Justin Khoo, 617-715-4298, 32-D962,

24-2: Linguistics

Prof. Kai von Fintel, 617-253-3228, 32-D884,


Mr. Max Price, 8-436,

Art, Culture, and Technology

Prof. Azra Aksamija, 617-324-4488, E15-231,

CMS: Comparative Media Studies

Prof. James Paradis, 617-253-7392, E15-328,

History of Architecture and Art

Prof. Lauren Jacobi, 617-253-7572, 3-305A,


Prof. Laura Schulz, 617-253-7957, 46-4011B,

STS: Science, Technology, and Society

Prof. Rosalind Williams, 617-253-2847, E51-278,

Women's and Gender Studies

Prof. Helen Elaine Lee, 617-253-3-3060, 14E-316,

For information on Humanities, Arts, and Social Science (HASS) Transfer Credit Examiners in fields not listed above, see the full list on the HASS website.