Software, Mobile Apps, and Extensions

ATIC maintains an inventory of assistive technologies selected specifically for the MIT community to try out and use.  We will demonstrate these technologies to anyone at MIT.   To request a demonstration, please contact atic [at] or telephone 617-253-7808.

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    Mobile Applications

    Apps for iOS (iPhones and iPads) and Android phones and tablets. Visit the App Store or Google Play to browse apps for your device. 


    • Evernote syncs between your devices to keep notes, lists, and reminders at the ready
    • Notability allows the user to write down thoughts, capture ideas and information, annotate documents and outline notes
    • Penultimate allows the user to write in a notebook with a stylus or your finger as well as share your notebooks by email, Dropbox, or Evernote
    • Paper is a drawing and note taking application that provides the user with a blank template and a variety of drawing and writing tools
    • Remarks allows the user to write notes on an image using their finger or a stylus
    • PDFpen is a PDF annotation and note taking application
    • PhatPad allows the user to draw, write, or type their ideas then instantly share them via email, SkyDrive and Dropbox Sync, or presentation mode


    • firefly K3000 a mobile extension to Kurzweil 3000 delivering core text-to-speech reading functions with speed, voice, and pacing accommodations, as well as access to the shared Universal Library content available to Kurzweil 3000 - firefly Web License customers
    • GoodReader allows the user to annotate PDF, large TXT files, and other large files
    • Learning Ally Audio has advanced accessibility features for ease of reading and learning
    • Prizmo is a photo-based scanning application that scans and recognizes text documents, business cards, or images and exports them to PDF/text, vCard, or JPEG/PNG
    • Read2Go allows Bookshare members to find, download, and read books on your iOS device
    • Voice Dream Reader is a multilingual text-to-speech reader that can translate and read 27 different languages including text files from PDF, ePub, Word, DAISY, and text files in Dropbox and Google Drive


    • Dragon Dictation a voice recognition application that allows the user to easily speak and instantly see your text or email message
    • Mendeley is a reference manager as well as a platform to allow users to showcase their research and various projects
    • Pages is a word processing application that allows the user to type, create shapes and tables, and add pictures and formatting to documents
    • Typ-O-HD is a voice-recording application with a built-in spelling aid that adjusts to the user's accuracy and offers suggestions, as well as reading playback aloud
    • WritePad is a text editor that recognizes handwritten notes as well as keyboard input and includes standard editing operations


    • MyScript Calculator receives stylus or finger input of equations and calculates the answer as well as enabling the user to annotate equations

    Study Skills

    • 30/30 is a task management app where the user sets up a list of tasks and the amount of time they want to spend on each task. From there 30/30 tells you when to move on to the next task
    • iStudiez Pro is a productivity tool that keeps track of grades, teacher information, due dates, and projects by entering all of your class information and sending reminders
    • Quizlet is a study tool for making flash card sets, or using sets created by other Quizlet users complete with games to test your knowledge and ways to share your flashcards
    • Scannable works with Evernote to scan handouts, business cards, worksheets, etc. right from your mobile device into your Evernote or Scannable workbooks
    • Wunderlist is a to-do list application that enables collaboration on lists with people you share them with. You can check off completed list items and keep track of completed tasks

    Display and Vision

    • EyeSight a magnification application that uses the built-in camera to enlarge print and other materials up to 12X and has six color enhancement settings
    • openWEB is a customizable browser that allows the user to use a font or style designed to be easy to read, especially for dyslexic readers
    • SRC Magnifier is a magnification application that enlarges and illuminates small print
    • VisionAssist is a magnification application designed to assist users with low vision conditions including AMD, Glaucoma, Diabetic Retinopathy, Cataracts, and color blindness
    • ZoomContacts is a large print contact application for users who have difficulty reading the small text on their screen


    • Calm is a white noise app that comes equipped with a meditation timer and the ability to blend sounds for custom white noise mixes
    • Colorfy is an adult coloring book app that gives users an opportunity to engage in a relaxing activity on their phone or tablet
    • Headspace is a meditation application that teaches users to develop effective meditation practices, as well as offering guided meditations

    Math Software

    • Math Talk software can be used with Scientific Notebook and Dragon Naturally Speaking to speak math notation expressions into Scientific Notebook.
    • MathType Equation Editor allows math to be entered into Word in a format that is easily converted to accessible formats (large print and audio)
    • Infty Reader software recognizes and converts math text into usable electronic formats, such as Latex, XML and MathML.
    • MathML the standard markup language for mathematics on the web

    Mouse Clicking Software

    Operating System Accessibility Options

    Organizational Tools (Diagramming)

    Reading Software

    Screen Reading

    Screen reading software applications identify the text being displayed on a computer screen and convert the text to audio. This allows blind and visually-impaired individuals to hear what is being displayed on a computer screen.

    Speech Recognition

    All speech recognition software packages transcribe spoken language to written text. They require a voice profile for each individual and minimal training using a microphone.

    • Dragon NaturallySpeaking for Windows 7 includes many features beyond text dictation: voice commands that allow for "hands-free" operation of the computer, transcription of recorded audio, and commands to surf the web.
    • Dragon Dictate for Mac OS provides transcription of dictation and some commands on Mac OS X. Does not allow for hands-free operation of a Mac.
    • Utter Command for Dragon NaturallySpeaking Pro, is an add-on for NaturallySpeaking that uses an intuitive speech command system and set of applets to speed computer control across all programs. Utter Command lets you speak in command phrases, enables the commandline interface, allows you to place and click the mouse using a single speech command and allows you to go directly to a file, folder, website or keyword using a single command.
    • Windows 7 Speech Recognition comes standard with the Windows 7 operating system. It works best with Microsoft applications.

    Text Scanning and OCR Software

    Text scanning software converts paper based print material or computer based image files and performs OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to convert them to text. Users can read the text files with screen reading software, magnification, or other adaptive technologies.

    • Kurzweil 1000 and 3000 software allows the user to scan printed pages or image files, converts them to text and reads them out loud to the user. Kurzweil 3000 also has additional study tools such as highlighting, note taking, reading the web, dictionary and thesaurus.
    • Omnipage software converts paper and computer based image files (TIFFs, PDFs) into text files that can be used with screen reading software.